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It is not to difficult to visit Tibet as some people think. In addition, both the attitude and climate are not the major consideration when travelling to Tibet. Tibet has very different seasons around year. There are great things to experience every time when you are here. So it is your choice to visit Tibet whenever you want. However, we would like to share the following few things in order to make your trip pleasant:

  • The Mt. Kailash trip can be undertaken only between April and October.

  • Tourists flood during the August and the first week of October, if it is possible, you can schedule to visit Tibet at different time.

  • March is a very sensitive month in Tibet; it would be great if you don’t travel to Tibet during this month.

  • Generally, winter is very cold, some of mountain passes close temporarily due to the snow; however, Lhasa is full of pilgrimage during the time.


In planning for your visit to Tibet, you’ll need to make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your scheduled return home. If you need more detailed information regarding how to obtain a Chinese visa, we welcome your questions and hope you’ll contact us soon. 

Mainland China and Nepal are the two general locations from which you’ll embark when making your journey into Tibet.

Entering from mainland China: 

If you plan to enter Tibet from one of the various cities within mainland China, you must first obtain a China visa in order to enter the country. You may contact the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate in your area to obtain a detailed procedure on how to apply for the China Tourist visa. In addition, please be aware that traveling to Tibet also requires that you apply for a Tibet Travel Permit. 


  1. AFTER you have your China visa, we can then assist you in obtaining a Tibet travel permit, however, be sure to allow adequate time for processing the paperwork. We recommend that you submit your request for the travel permit a minimum of 20 days in advance of your planned travel, keeping in mind that you must obtain the China Tourist visa FIRST and then send that information in order for us to begin the application for a travel permit. Following this schedule should allow us sufficient time to complete the process.

  2. If you live and work in mainland China, you can travel under your current China visa, however, you still need to apply for the Tibet travel permit and we can take care of it. Please feel free to contact us for any additional information needed.

Entering from Nepal: 

For the paper, entering from Nepal is a bit different in comparison with the entering from mainland China. You don’t need to apply the China Tourist visa by yourself; we will assist you and apply the visa through our partner in Kathmandu. In addition, we also apply the Tibet Travel permit for you. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.


We would like to encourage our clients and talk with your doctor about your health if you have any concern on traveling to Tibet. Please also consult your doctor if you need any vaccination. 


There are many different levels of accommodation to choose from when traveling in one of the larger cities of Tibet. Depending on the comfort, service, and price range you desire, you may choose among the various hotels, heritage hotels, and hostels available. However, when traveling in the remote areas of Tibet, there are fewer options, and most are rustic. Expect to find very basic conditions and perhaps at times even substandard accommodation. We ask for your understanding, and trust you will have confidence that we will always offer you the best that can be provided at any given location. 



We will provide well qualified guides, and well experienced drivers and well functioning vehicles for you according your travel itinerary within Tibet. All of our guides and drivers have signed a legal contract with us; therefore, you don’t have to worry about the qualification of the guides and driver’s skill and safety of vehicle condition when you are with us. 

We have many kinds of vehicle that available for you such as SUV,  vans and buses. In order to improve our service standard, we welcome your feedback on guides, drivers, and vehicles. 


We would like to encourage our clients to purchase travel insurance from your home country before departure to Tibet. In addition, we also suggest that you ensure that your coverage includes any adventure activities you have planned as part of your itinerary. Nonetheless, you can be confident that we will provide the best service possible for you with diligence in arranging for a safe and amazing experience while visiting Tibet. 


There are diverse cuisines available around Lhasa. Basically, you have no worry about it while you in Lhasa. However, the food availability in the countryside will be different than cities. You are going to have some simple food when you traveling in the remote area.