These are some of our most popular trips around Tibet. This is a great place for ideas...a place to begin planning a trip to Tibet that is all your own.

Choose any one or a combination of these itineraries...or better yet, let's work together to create a custom trip around your interests. Email us or at and let's get started!

Weekend in Lhasa


Yes, it is possible to visit Lhasa for just a few days. If you work in China, if you're visiting, come up to Lhasa and experience Tibet with us...

  • Lhasa, the historical and cultural heartland of Tibet

  • Potala Palace, a one thousand year old ancient architectural wonder

  • The Jokhang Temple, the center of Old Lhasa and the heart of Tibetan Buddhism

  • Yamdrok Lake, one of the holiest lakes in Tibet

  • Typically four days including the day of your arrival and departure

Lhasa Cultural

Experience Tibet's rich cultural heritage from the spectacular Potala and the summer palace at Norbulingka to the great monasteries of Lhasa.

  • Walking tour of the Barkhor marketplace, the Jokhang Temple, Muslim quarter and Lhasa Mosque

  • The uproar of monks debating at Sera Monastery and the peaceful quiet of the Ani Tsankhang nunnery

  • Take a morning or afternoon drive to turquoise Yamdrok Lake

  • Join us for a traditional Tibetan dinner

  • Five or six days including the your arrival and departure days

Central Tibet History

Extend your visit Lhasa to include the first capital of Tibet, Tsetang, and the first monastery, Samye. 

  • Arrive at Lhasa's Gonggar Airport and spend the first evening in Tsetang

  • Visit Yumbulagang, the first palace built for King Nyetri Tsenpo

  • Explore the vast Tashilunpo Monastery in Shigatse

  • Stop by Gyantse, site of the Tibetan Army's heroic stand against the British

  • Including your time in Lhasa, 7 - 8 days

Horse Racing Festivals

If you visit in August, you might be lucky enough to arrive at just the right time to see one of Tibet's traditional horse racing festivals in Lhasa, Gyantse, and more.

Festival dates vary each year. Email us or at for exact dates.

Nomad Experience

Add a day or two to your trip that includes Lhasa and Shigatse to spend a day with a nomad family. For a full nomadic lifestyle experience, add another night or two - we'll bring the tents...  

Let us know you'd like to be a nomad when you Email us or at 

Mt. Everest
Base Camp

Mt. Everest-Cust.jpg

On the north side of Mt. Everest, you can drive to Base Camp! If you're adventurous, you can even stay overnight at Base Camp

  • Imagine standing at the foot of the highest mountain in the world

  • Begin with a few days in Lhasa

  • Travel through Gyantse and Shigatse

  • Experience traditional Tibetan life as we stop by several villages

  • Spend three days in Lhasa and add four more days to visit Base Camp

Mt. Kailash and Mt. Everest Base Camp

Mt. Kailash-Cus.jpg

Tibetan traditions tells us that walking the "kora" around Mt. Kailash will wipe out the sins of a guarantees but you will have an incredible trip.

  • Beginning in Lhasa you will travel across the top of the world

  • Along the way, we usually stop by Everest Base Camp

  • In three days walk around Mt. Kailash with pilgrims from every region of Tibet

  • Typically a 16 day round trip

Mt. Kailash Extension to Guge Kingdom 


Add two or three days to your Kailash trip:

  • Visit the cliffside ruins of the Gurugyam Monastery, hot springs, and troglodyte caves

  • The Guge Kingdom was an important stop on the trade route between Tibet and India in a barren, improbable location for a major civilization to develop

  • Fascinating ruins, functioning monasteries, and incredible, stark landscapes

Overland to Kashgar


Join us for a truly epic journey across the highest road in the world to the Silk Road capital of Kashgar, the largest oasis city in China's Central Asia. Add this on to your Mt. Kailash and Guge Kingdom trip and fly on to your next destination from Kashgar. 

Four or five days over rarely traveled highways and mountain passes, including views of the second highest mountain in the world, K2. Email us or at for more information. 

Grand Circle
Tour of Central Tibet


Begin this Grand Circle Tour as the Tibetan Plateau rises from the plains of China. We'll meet your flight from Chengdu at the Nyingtri airport. Our three day overland trip carries us through incredible landscapes on the way to Lhasa and on to Shigatse.

  • Eastern Tibet, a land of deep gorges and alpine forests

  • Lhasa, the historical and cultural heart of Tibet

  • Shigatse, Tibet's "second capital" and home of the Panchen Lama

  • Visit lakes, mountains, farmland, and experience traditional Tibetan life

  • Typically 7 - 8 days