Mt. Everest East Face Trek

Karma Valley and Kangshung (East) Face 


Day 1 - Arrive at Lhasa airport (Elevation 3,650 m / 11,972 ft)

  • Travel to Lhasa and use the afternoon for acclimatization.
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Lhasa (D)

Day 2 – Lhasa sightseeing

  • Spend the morning at the Potala Palace. Visit the Jokhang Temple and the Barkhor Circuit in the afternoon.  Trip briefing during the evening.
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Lhasa (B, L, D) 

Day 3  Explore Drepung Monastery; and warm-up for the trek

  • Visit Drepung Monastery in the morning. Drepung once housed 10,000 monks and once was the largest monastery in the world. Spend the afternoon walking the Lingkor. The Lingkor is a traditional pilgrimage route that circuits the entire old town and Potala Palace. It is 8 km long and provides a great warm-up before our trek begins, while also being a great opportunity to see and experience Lhasa.
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Lhasa (B, L, D)

 Day 4  Hiking preparation and sightseeing

  • A half-day hiking program at Papongkang during the morning. Visit Sera Monastery in the afternoon. Sera housed 5000 monks during its peak time; and now it is the good place to see the monks debate.
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Lhasa (B, L, D)

Day 5  Lhasa to Shigatse(3,840 m / 12,595 ft)

  • Drive over Khama-la pass. Enjoy the view of Yamdrok Tso;and then continue the journey to Shigatse via Gyangtse (Elevation 3,940 m / 13,054 ft.)
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Shigatse (B, L, D) 

Day 6 –Shigatse to Tingri Beber (Elevation 4,250 m / 13,940 ft)

  • Continue the overland journey to the Tingri Baber.
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Tingri Baber (B, L, D) 

Day 7 –Tingri Beber to Kharta (Elevation 3,690 m / 12,100 ft)

  • Around a half-day drive to Kharta via Tashi Dzom. Enjoy the sunset view of Mt. Everest atop the Gyawu-la pass. The road is paved all the way to the Tashi Dzom and Kharta is located 64 km (40 miles) southeast of Tashi Dzom. Spend the afternoon on the trekking logistic preparation.
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Guesthouse (B, L, D)

 Day 8 –Kharta to the last stop before the Shawula Pass

  • The hike starts at the milky glacial waters of the Kharta Tsangpo River to Kangshung via Sha-u-la pass and return via Langma-la pass.
  • Hike7-8 hours to the camping area and explore the nearby ridges for the spectacular views of Himalayas.  
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Camping (B, L, D)

 Day 9 – to Zoksham

  • Hike to the top of Sha-u-la pass (4,790 m / 15,700 ft) and enjoy the outstanding views of Mt. Mt. Makalu (8,475 m / 27,805 ft), the world’s fifth highest peak and other peaks. Continue trekking into Karma valley by passing small lakes and call it a day at a large meadow camp (3,990 m / 13,100 ft), one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.  
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Zoksham (B, L, D) 

Day 10 –Zoksham to Tangsum

  • Hike 6-7 hours to the next camp. Enjoy views of Mt. Makalu and Mt. Chomo Lhatso.
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Tangsum (B, L, D)

Day 11 –Tangsum to Rupka

  • Hike 6-7 hours to the next camp. Enjoy the varieties of wild rhododendron and junipers, and wild birds.
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Rupka (B, L, D) 

Day 12 – Rupka to Ohrka

  • Hike 6-7 hours to the next camp. Enjoy the magnificent view of Chomo Lhatso in Karma valley.
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Ohrka (B, L, D) 

Day 13 – Ohrka to Pethang Ringmo

  • Hike 2-3 hours to the next camp. Take in the view of Mt. Everest (the world’s highest peak) and Lotse (the world’s fourth highest peak, Lhotse 8,383m / 27, 503 ft). 
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Pethang Ringmo (B, L, D) 

Day 14 –Rest and exploration

  • Spend a day to rest and explore around Pethang Ringmo and enjoy the views of East side of Mt. Everest and Mt. Lhotse.
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Pethang Ringmo (B, L, D) 

Day 15 – Pethang Ringmo to Tso Jokring

  • The return trip Kharta takes 3-4 days and depends on the pace. Return to the Rabka Chu meadow camp and begin the big climb. The estimated trekking time is 5-6 hours to the next camp (4850 m / 15,900 ft) and this is the last good camp site before Langma La pass.
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Tso Jokring(B, L, D) 

Day 16 – To the first camping area after the Langma-L pass

  • Trek over the Langma-la pass (5240m / 17,200 ft). Enjoy the views of the Makalu, Everest, and other peaks.
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Camping (B, L, D) 

Day 17 – Return Kharta; then drive to Everest Base Camp (North Face Side) (Elevation 5,150 m / 16,892 ft)

  • Hike 4-5 hours to the Kharta and visit one of the water mills along the way. Continue the journey to Everest Base Camp.
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Camping(B, L, D) 

Day 18 – Base Camp  (North Face Side) to Shigatse

  • Drive back to Shigatse.
  • Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Shigatse (B, L, D) 

 Day 19  Shigatse to Lhasa

  • Visit Shigatse old town area after the breakfast, and then loop back to Lhasa.  
  •  Night’s Stay and Accommodations: Lhasa (B, L, D) 

Day 20 – Depart from Lhasa

  • Transfer to the airport and conclude an amazing adventure.  

(Note: “B, L, D” represents “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner”)